Home Seminar Series

You are invited to the first of our Mandalay Living Seminar Series. We will sort the fact from fiction with our panel of independent experts to give you the best insight into investing in your future regardless whether it you are buying your first investment property, adding to your portfolio or buying your first home. 

Wednesday 21st November 2018

Club Mandalay 

Investor Seminar:
Lisa Harris: Finvest Director 
Nathan Keating: Finvest Finance
Jason Colby: BMT  
Ivana Tempone: Nexus Accounting
Danielle Cargill: Little Real Estate 
Rod Binedell: Development Manager Mandalay Living 

First Home Buyer Seminar: 
Bank of Melbourne
First Class Legal
Dimi Rokka: Estate Manager Mandalay Living


Drinks and Nibbles by Club Mandalay's Chef Provided