Mandalay Community Centre and Maternal Health Centre

When: Tue 20 Dec 2016
Mandalay Community Centre and Maternal Health Centre


The Andrews Government announced a Grant of $3.74 million to go towards the development and construction of the Mandalay Kindergarten and Community Centre which will be located on the Council owned land at the main roundabout on Lithgow Street.
In addition to reserving the site, Beveridge Property Developers, the developers of Mandalay, will also be contributing $3million towards the development of this facility. This is a significant contribution and will ensure that the final facility caters to as many people as possible.
This new establishment will provide government kindergarten programs, serve as a maternal & child health centre along with provide a space for the wider community of Beveridge (not just Mandalay residents) to host local meetings, social gatherings and facilitate social connection – all of which are important aspects of community strengthening. It is anticipated this facility will support a population of over 21,000 people across the Mandalay/Beveridge area.
It is anticipated that Council will commence construction in mid 2017 with completion scheduled for mid-2018. The design for this facility is still in progress, however council advises that once plans are finalised and approved they will publish on the Mitchell Shire and Mandalay Living Websites. We will also keep you up to date via our social channels.
Mitchell Shire Mayor, Councillor Rhonda Sanderson, said “the funding provided by the Andrew’s government was great news and means the new community centre will soon be a reality. The multi-purpose centre will be a welcoming, vibrant and inclusive hub for all of the community.”


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