The Dream Place to Live

Imagine your dream place to live. You’d want a championship golf course. A cool, inviting swimming pool. Your own Clubhouse with a professionally-designed gym, and a gorgeous bar and bistro to relax in with your friends. Bigger blocks of land, and all attractively affordable. And to be truly perfect, you’d want all this to be just 40 minutes from Melbourne. Well, dream no more. With the ideal blend of metropolitan sophistication and sweeping landscapes, Mandalay offers an idyllic resort lifestyle all those smart buyers who are looking for more from life. Why live in “just an estate”, when resort living is on your doorstep? Come and find out for yourself!

When it comes to cleaning your home, sometimes all-natural is the best way to go - whether you’re a keen greenie, or you’d like to protect your family and pets from nasty chemicals. Luckily, nature has quite a few tricks up her sleeve, most of which are simple household items! 
Resort living is not just about boats and jars filled with sand. Listen to Metricon's Jacinta Evans and the Creative Life's Chris Carrol on how to create a Botanical Resort in your home. #metricon #lovewhereyoulive #mandalayliving... Thanks to the team at Metricon for allowing us to share this theming tip with you.
Black Label is the latest of 14 different design themes to be created by Metricon’s team of expert interior designers. Through LookBook, they share their hints and tips on how to recreate some of the stylish interior trends that are found in Metricon display homes across the country.