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The Mandalay Upgrade and Save Program is available to all existing purchasers at Mandalay.
In summary, for each existing purchaser who purchases an additional block of land will receive a $15,000 discount off the retail price of the block of land they are purchasing.
The following Terns and Conditions Apply
1. The Mandalay “Upgrade and Save Program”
commences on 1st November 2019 and ends 31st March 2020 . (Promotion Period)
2. This Promotion is open to any person 18 years or older who is a resident of Australia and is regarded as a Purchaser at Mandalay who purchases and additional block of land during the Promotion Period (Referrer).
3. Subject to these Terms and Conditions including but
not limited to satisfaction by these Terms and Conditions. (Promoter) offers to provide a $15,000 discount off the retail price of the block of land that is being purchased.
4. An upgrading purchaser will be entitled to receive a Benefit if during the promotional period: (a) prior to the upgrading Purchaser providing a Holding Deposit or entering into a Sales Contract, the upgrading purchaser must have submitted a fully completed Upgrading Purchaser Form to the Mandalay Sales Consultant.
(b) the Upgrading Purchaser subsequently enters into a binding unconditional contract of sale for the purchase of an Eligible Lot on terms acceptable to the Promoter (Sales Contract).
5. If a completed Upgrading Purchaser Form has not been received by the Mandalay Sales Consultant at the time when the Upgrading Purchaser places a Holding Contract is entered into, no Benefit will be given to the Upgrading Purchaser.
6. Only 1 (one) ReferrerUpgrading Purchaser may be nominated for each purchase.
7. The Promoter reserves the right, at its sole discretion to: (a) cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the promotion; (b) refuse payment if an unconditional contract of the Upgrading Purchaser does not occur in accordance with the terms of the sales contract or (c) reserve the right but not the obligation to substitute the Benefit for another similar item, at its sole discretion, of equal value if the benefit is not available.
8. The Upgrading purchaser must be purchasing an additional block to upgrade from their existing home or for an investment. Nominations will not be accepted.
9.The Benefit is not available in connection with any other offer & is not transferable & cannot be taken as cash.
10. The Benefit will be discounted from the retail block at time of purchase upon contract signing,
HOLDING DEPOSIT means the refundable payment made by a purchaser of $1,000 which precedes the intent to enter into a Contract of Sale within 3 business days.
PURCHASER/UPGRADING PURCHASER means a person/s who has settled on a lot at Warralily prior to handing in a completed Upgrading Purchaser form.
UPGRADING PURCHASER FORM means the documenttitled “Upgrading Purchaser Form” a copy of which isattached to these Terms and Conditions.
ELIGIBLE LOT means any lot available for purchase at Mandalay, Beveridge.
SALES CONSULTANT means an employee of the Promoter during the Promotion Period. MANDALAY means the development project being carried out by the Promoter on the land situated at 430-450 Mandalay Circuit, Beveridge VIC 3753. 
Offer not transferable or redeemable for cash. For more information on lots available please contact us or call 1800 Mandalay. 
Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.